Our Sponsors

Applications for sponsors are now being accepted. If you would like more information on how you can become a sponsor to the Mid-South's largest Mineral, Fossil and Jewelry Show, please contact us

Memphis Stone & Gravel Company

1111 Wilson Street
P.O. Box 1683
Memphis, TN 38101
(901) 774-7874 


7388 Chatham Pond Cir.
Bartlett, TN. 38135
(901) 626-5886

Providing environmental solutions

since 1998

Cooper Moving & Storage

5161 Wilfong Road
Memphis, TN 38134
(901) 382-2083



C. H. Nash Museum Chucalissa

Additional Partnership:

As the show is a locally produced endeavor, for three decades the members and friends of the Memphis Archaeological & Geological Society have made the Show what it is.  The Show is a major source of funding for the Memphis Archaeological & Geological Society’s programs and enables educational outreach to thousands each year.

If you would like more information on how to partner with the Mid-South's largest Mineral, Fossil and Jewelry Show, please contact us.

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